Car Park Surfacing Contractors

Are you ready to see how working with professional car park surfacing contractors can improve your car park? Why not choose Henderson & Taylor as your car park surfacing contractors today and find out? With 50+ years of experience as car park surfacing contractors, our solutions are supported by professional knowledge and expert execution, every step of the way. Contact us today!

What do car park surfacing contractors do?

We are the car park surfacing contractors of choice for large multinational contractors, local authorities, civil engineers and local builders. As leading car park surfacing contractors, we can take your project from inception to completion with ease. Whether you need car park resurfacing or car park repairs, we’re the car park surfacing contractors for you.

Our car park surfacing contractors can help with…

Public Highways Resurfacing |  Private Road Resurfacing |  Road Line Marking   |  Car Parks


Tarmac & Asphalt Surfaces  |   Driveway Construction & Resurfacing |  Roads & Retail Car Parks


Industrial Sites  |  Schools  |  Footpaths  |  Forecourts & Caravan Sites


Not sure if car park surfacing contractors can help with your project? Get in touch with our experts today and a friendly team member will be happy to assist you.

What types of car park surfacing are there?

When you make Henderson & Taylor your car park surfacing contractors, you can enjoy a comprehensive service from start to finish. As a leading car park surfacing contractor, we offer complete solutions including consultation, design, manufacture, delivery, and construction.


As top car park surfacing contractors, we offer several types of car park surfacing including:


Tarmac/Asphalt  |  Hot Rolled Asphalt  |  Stone Mastic Asphalt  |  Coloured Asphalt


Porous Asphalt  |  Dense Bitumen Macadam  |  Resin Bound Surfacing  |  Drives & Footpaths


Driveway Resurfacing  |  Surfacing Designs & Specifications  |  Playground Surfaces  |  Road Surfacing


Factories  |  Surfacing Surveying  |  Road Planning  |  Surface Dressings  |  And much more!

How is car park resurfacing done?

Why choose professional car park surfacing contractors?

Durability & Resilience
Expert Planning, Design & Installation

Car Park Surfacing Contractors – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does car park surfacing last?

The lifespan of car park surfacing depends on factors such as the materials used, level of usage, climate conditions, and maintenance. We have seen our car park surfacing last for 25+ years.  

What affects the lifespan of car park surfacing?

Factors such as traffic volume, weather exposure, quality of installation, regular maintenance, and the type of material used significantly influence the lifespan of car park surfacing.

How do I know if my car park needs resurfacing?

Signs that your car park may need resurfacing include cracks, potholes, drainage issues, faded markings, or uneven surfaces.

Can car park surfacing be customised?

Yes, our car park surfacing is available in a range of materials and colours to suit a range of requirements.

Will car park surfacing cause disruptions to my business or property?

Temporary disruptions may occur during car park surfacing. However, our car park surfacing contractors strive to minimise any inconvenience.

Do I need planning permission for car park surfacing work?

Planning permission requirements for car park surfacing vary depending on local regulations and the scale of the project. We advise checking with local authorities to determine if permits are needed.

Why make us your car park surfacing contractors?

Ready to work with leading car park surfacing contractors? Get in touch with Henderson & Taylor today for expert assistance and personalised solutions tailored to your requirements.