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Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

Both the Environment Agency and RICS advise the development of a Management Plan that is drafted in accordance to ‘The Knotweed Code of Practice’, 2013. It is designed to identify the most appropriate remedial method and to ensure that monitoring is employed to remove the problem in-line with the proposed end use of the site. It can also provide the necessary reassurance to both lenders and buyers that a Knotweed problem is being properly managed.

Following a site survey, the management plan should include the following features:

  • A description of the property with an accurate record of the Knotweed intrusion. A plan with dimensions and supporting photographs is also useful
  • The full details of the contracting organisation and a description of the methods to be used to eradicate Knotweed
  • A treatment schedule that is updated as treatments are carried out
  • A completion certificate that confirms the treatment is complete and that the property is Knotweed-free on the completion date

All documents associated with the management plan such as waste transfer notes, herbicide treatment records, cell burial location plans, landfill exemption certificates provide a valuable record of all knotweed works conducted on site and can be presented as evidence in the eventuality of any future dispute.

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