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Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Application

Applications of specialised herbicides are undertaken by our fully NPTC qualified and experienced sprayers. This can be a cost effective treatment solution though treatment is often required over a number of years. It involves coating the plant leaves with a fine spray via knapsack spraying enabling the herbicide to be absorbed into the rhizome through the leaves.

Stem Injection

This system is an effective solution when dealing with smaller concentrations of knotweed. It is environmentally friendly with no adverse effects on vegetation or wildlife and is ideal for use near water or on sensitive sites.

It involves injecting herbicide into the Japanese knotweed stems close to where the stem emerges from the soil. This method is particularly useful where spray drift has to be avoided. However, it’s also possible to overdose the knotweed, leading to a dormancy reaction which can fool people into believing that the knotweed has been killed off.

Relocation and Herbicide Treatment

On large development sites Japanese knotweed can be moved to specified treatment bunds or stockpile areas. This releases development areas and enables the bunds to be treated with an appropriate herbicide programme. This soil is placed on a geo-textile membrane and monitored as it continues to grow; once the plant has grown, we will treat it using herbicides until it is eradicated. This type of industrial knotweed treatment minimises disruption and helps to keep costs down.

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