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Henderson & Taylor undertake foundations for a number of industrial, commercial and residential developments.

Covering all specifications Henderson & Taylor can excavate, place reinforcement and pour concrete for all foundations.

We consider the foundations the most important aspect of any building or development. Without the right type, your building or development project can end in instability or collapse. Working close with the builders, architects and project managers we can assure the right foundations are in place for your construction.

Our ground workers can deploy various different types of foundations whether they are for new build homes, commercial or industrial developments. Foundations come in various types depending on weight of the building, the bearing capacity of the soil (strength and compressibility) and weather conditions. The types of foundations we have experience in are

Strip Foundations including Wide Shallow and Deep Foundations

Strip footings or foundations are the most common foundations used in residential new build developments and light commercial sites. These foundations are used where soil quality is good. Shallow footings tend to be more cost effective than deep footings, which require more concrete. Where soil settlement may be an issue, Deep footings are recommended to achieve the correct load bearing capacity.

Raft Foundations

Raft foundations are used to spread the load of the structure over a large area. They usually consist of reinforced concrete slabs which resist the movement of soft soils, such as those made of clay or peat.

Ground Beams

We offer a comprehensive Ground Beam service where we provide our clients with a bespoke in-situ ground beam cast on site and to the exact specifications required.  We operate this way as it reduces excavation needs and helps to minimise costs to both ourselves and our clients, whilst also helping to reduce carbon emissions due to less waste being transferred to landfill.

Piled Foundations

Piled foundations are used on sites with poor ground and high water tables, slopes and clay soils. The most popular type of piled foundations are driven piles which are driven into the ground until solid load bearing soil has been reached. Piled Foundations are also available in

  • End bearing piles
  • Friction piles
  • Settlement reducing piles
  • Tension piles
  • Laterally loaded piles
  • Piles in fill

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Henderson & Taylor brings together three separate operating companies collaborating across multi-disciplinary projects throughout the UK, whilst also providing commercial and back office support. All of our UK companies; Henderson & Taylor (Public Works), Henderson & Taylor Facilities Management and Henderson & Taylor Building Services have a long and successful heritage of Asphalt Surfacing, Drainage and Sewer Works, Car Park Construction, Roadway Construction, Bridge and Large Structure Construction, Site Clearance and Demolition, Land Remediation, Traffic Management and Design, Landscaping, S278 Works, Road Marking, Residential Extensions, Brickwork, Fitted Kitchen and Bathroom Installation, Refurbishments, New Housing Construction, Invasive Weed Services, and Japanese Knotweed Removal.

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